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The Reason Why Columbus Is The Best Place To Start A High-Growth Company

The Reason Why Columbus Is The Best Place To Start A High-Growth Company

For entrepreneurs who want to start new businesses, innovators who have new technologies, and venture capitalists who want to invest in high-growth startups that could change whole industries, Columbus is the place to be.

There is a system that helps with money, deal flow, and support for new ideas.

A lot of people in Columbus, Ohio, have been working hard to build an innovation infrastructure in a systematic and strategic way. Starting new businesses is the foundation of any innovation economy, and businesses in Central Ohio have access to a wide range of risk capital. This ranges from private equity funds to government funds. Having money draws in money. Some of the companies in Rev1 Ventures’ portfolio are from 21 other states, Europe, and Singapore.

The Ohio State University (OSU), Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and OhioHealth are some of the world’s best-known research institutions. They spin off their findings and give them access to risk capital for new intellectual property. This means there will be a steady stream of new businesses. Physical infrastructure, such as labs for wet and dry labs, is growing.

Entrepreneurs have the corporate world’s backs. State Auto and Grange Insurance, two industry leaders, have formed innovation investment funds that bring together investment and industry knowledge to find new ways to make money. Main Street businesses offer professional services to start-up businesses at “startup rates.” Ohio Companies in the Fortune 1000, like Worthington Industries, connect with entrepreneurs as customers and investors, and they help them grow.

Opportunities Lead To More Opportunities

People in Columbus have a lot of chances to make money, come up with new ideas, and find new jobs. For example, ScriptDrop, a new company started by former employees of CoverMyMeds, plans to add 80 jobs by 2022. This is just one of the more than 100 companies in our portfolio that are creating jobs.

CNBC said that Ohio was one of the best places in the country to start a business. Forbes says that “Columbus is changing with the times,” that “technology innovation is becoming a big deal in this middle-American city,” and that “Columbus is a great place for people to come and work.”

Some 37 Columbus businesses were on the most recent Inc. 5000 list, and they were all on the top 50. This year, Forbes named seven businesses and institutions in Columbus as some of the best places for women to work in the United States. Two of them, The Ohio State University and Safelite AutoGlass, are putting a lot of money into entrepreneurship and innovation.

There Are A Lot Of Sources Of Talent

More than 350 colleges and universities in Ohio, plus more than 120 four-year colleges and universities, make this state a great place for new hires for cutting-edge companies. SmartAsset’s annual report shows that Columbus is still one of the best cities in the United States for new college graduates. It came in at number five.

A decade ago, there were only a few jobs here. Today, Columbus has jobs that draw people from all over the United States. This month, on the Rev1 Jobs Board alone, there are dozens of jobs for people who want to work in software engineering, web development, data science, and more.

Living Here Is Fun And Exciting

Columbus is a growing city, which means that all the things that make it a fun and exciting place to live are growing as well. We have a lot of places to go for fun, not just one. We like the Short North Arts District because it is trendy, different, and fun. In our country, we have college and professional sports, so we can play them. With nightlife and a restaurant scene that seems to add a new place every week, we have a lot of different things to do.

At almost a million people, Columbus is the fifteenth-largest city in the United States. It is just behind San Francisco on the list of the 75 largest cities in the country. Compared to San Francisco, Columbus costs about 40% less to live in each month. People can come to this place and thrive.

Columbus Is A Place Where Everyone Is Welcome And Where Dreams Can Be Made Happen

Aspirational people live in Columbus. There are more good times ahead of us, not behind us. If today is good, we think tomorrow will be even better. You can feel it in our businesses, our schools and universities, and even in our homes.

When it comes to starting businesses and coming up with new ideas, the Midwest isn’t just a place to fly over anymore. In the Midwest, there is a new trend, and Columbus is the leader of it. The game is going on in every part of Columbus.